Property Appraisal Services

One of the most soughted after services of ours, property appraisal is quick pro way and works as basic guide before making decisions regarding property.

What all gets covered in this service?

  • Appraisal report giving generic price guidance.
  • Rate trend report (Availed on additional request and is not part of general appraisal report).

Who Avails This Service?

  • Highly diversified set of people/entity avail this service of ours. It includes banks, individual, property dealers, investors, real estate developers (builders).

What is different between property valuation and property appraisal?

Property valuation is world in itself. Its property specific and takes into account entire set of factors for area to property construction to age, infra, vicinity etc.

Property appraisal on other hand in quick pro of probable price range and is mainly about generalized price depending on location rather than detailed analysis.

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